30 December 2011

words with brothers.









David & I like to play Scrabble together, & are usually pretty evenly matched. He beat me by 4 points. We both had the letters for “hoax” & he got to it first! I think that basically decided the game.


26 September 2011

mm mm good.

I thought I was in love with him just from his music. After seeing this video, there is no doubt in my mind.

25 September 2011



I’d never made this connection before, but it has its merits. Anyone live on a Maple Lane, Oak Street, or Pine Road?

05 September 2011


The Soul of the Counterculture

Lauren, Prohaska & I have all decided we were born in the wrong era. Oh, how I wish I’d been this age in the 1960s! Baby boomers had it good.

03 September 2011

rise & shine.

Start your day off right...

I love Saturday mornings. Sleeping in a little & then channel surfing with my morning coffee… It’s blissful after a long stressful school week.

Eels love Saturday morning, too!

02 September 2011

hipster. yeah right.

People keep telling me I’m a hipster. So I guess I should start posting hipster-ish pictures on my blog, right? If I were really a hipster, I’d have a Tumblr, anyway.























Emotional rollercoaster. Heh.   

wisdom from abe.