30 August 2011


30 aug 2011

The scholarship halls have a tradition of courtship that is as old as the halls themselves. Each hall has a brother/sister hall, which isn’t a great description since everyone seems to date someone in the other hall. The ironic thing, though, is that it’s really the hall itself that courts another hall. For instance, Pearson escorted Sellards to many of the Hawk Week events last week.

Last night, we received this present from Pearson. I think calling the Sellards women “absolutely stunningly beautiful” will probably accrue a nice turnout at the movie night.

17 August 2011

we asian.


Feel free to vote on who makes the best Asian face.

13 August 2011

chocolate + ryan gosling = heaven on earth.


The perfect snack to go with an excellent movie: “Fracture,” (2007), with Anthony Hopkins & Ryan Gosling (always a plus). The movie was better than I’d even anticipated. & I got to watch it in a silent house, since everyone was at soccer practice, with Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop & homemade hot chocolate made from only the best Guatemalan cacao Maya. Even better than Bagel Barn’s, if I do say so myself.

06 August 2011

i <3 verb conjugations.

6 aug 2011

I realized over the summer that the piece of the puzzle I’m missing in learning Spanish is the grammar element. I can’t properly conjugate all the tenses, especially subjunctive. So now I’m actively jumping into learning all these verbs. Someday I will be fluent!

05 August 2011

even more desserts.


Mom & I tried Andre’s Swiss Tearoom, where we enjoyed a tasty luncheon that ended in dessert, of course! Coffee & chocolate raspberry cake – now that’s the ticket!

04 August 2011

dreamy desserts.


Mom & I went to The Melting Pot on the plaza. (Meanwhile, my dad & brothers are on “Man Trip II” to Dallas, Texas, to see the Barcelona v. Club America game.) The entire meal was an event! I think Melting Pot may be my favorite restaurant, for several reasons. Not only is all the food succulent & delicious, but the way it is served is theatrical & exciting. I also enjoy how easily you can sit and linger over the meal for two & a half hours, just because you’re enjoying the food & the company.

Pictured above are the dessert dippers for our Cookies & Cream chocolate fondue.

02 August 2011


17 june 2011

I love fire. I am constantly playing with some form of it & I love to have candles lit in my room all the time.

01 August 2011

new scents.


One of the surprises awaiting me upon my homecoming was a set of new incense. All the different packs of it are different scents. I have been enjoying them immensely, especially since I can’t burn incense once i get back to school!