31 March 2011

zen zero.

Tonight my family came to Lawrence to help me celebrate my receipt of the FLAS academic year fellowship & admission to the CIRMA Guatemala program this summer! It's been a very exciting week for me.

We patronized Zen Zero & really enjoyed the pad thai, which most of us ordered. The spring rolls were funky & I tried to eat them with an open mind.

Also, the great thing about having a big family is if you go to Three Spoons afterward & give them your punch card with the order, you can basically fill up the whole thing. I'm only one yogurt away from Three Spoons "spooning me!"

1 comment:

  1. Yea, last night was awesome! I had a great time with you all. No doubt, our family is quite terrific and I relish the time we have together. You have had a very exciting week!