16 April 2011

good thing i speak parseltongue.

A lot of exciting things happened today, so this snake should be grateful it made it on my blog. First, my mom came for lunch, coffee & shopping on Mass St. Great quality time. Then, the Pearson Lawn Rock-a-Thon was epic, especially the Louisiana Street Band. I didn't want them to leave! Fantastic mix of funk, blues, and shag. But the perfect end to the night was walking into the kitchen to find this little beauty in the sink. In the words of Steve Irwin, the infamous Crocodile Hunter, "it's GLORIOUS!" Everyone else was jumping on tables & I didn't find that to be helping the situation, so what else could I have done than pick it up & take it outside? Thankfully, I was able to charm it with my fluency in Parseltongue. It was glorious.

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