13 May 2011

pita pit, stupid foxes & basketball.

Millie & I went to Pita Pit for supper, where we met a completely smashed guy who didn't stop talking to us the entire time. In fact, when I snapped this picture, he yelled at me not to take any pictures. It was pretty funny though, just sitting there, minding our own business, eating pitas, & having some guy tell me how much he loves basketball & how stupid my fox picture on my cell phone is - because yes, he grabbed my phone & saw the fox picture. He asked me if my phone number was on there & I told him no, I just use my cell phone to keep fox pictures. Millie was cracking up at my inconvenient dinner conversation, which went something like this:

"I love basketball. Why do you have a fox picture? Foxes are stupid. Foxes are stupid. They're stupid. Do you eat foxes? Do you eat squirrels? I bet you eat basketballs, since you hate basketball. We can't be friends anymore, since you hate basketball. Soccer is stupid. David Beckham is stupid. He just plays to get all the girls. How do you score in soccer?"

Yes, it was illogical & one-sided.

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