10 May 2011

stop week excitement.

Only thirty minutes of class were holding me back from not only the end of the school day, but also the end of my structure class for the entire semester. Without warning, as this usually goes, the fire alarm started blaring. I don't think there was a fire, but I don't know who would have pulled the alarm, because as we exited the building, no one else was leaving except for our class.

Most students would view this as a lucky excuse to get out of class half an hour early, but on the last day of class? It just wasn't possible. So we sat on the grass & finished our final presentations; at the same time, the wind, which had picked up suddenly, swirled around us, blowing papers and skirts everywhere. We pressed on, though, & finally made it through everyone's presentations.

When I think back to my Kaqchikel structure class, this is definitely one of the days that will flit through my mind.

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