15 June 2011

booties & new equipment.

blog 15 june 2011

With my time back in the states, I took the opportunity to experiment with my dad’s external flash, & now I know that’s top priority for the next camera equipment I buy. I wanted to try the flash out on a colorful subject in the somewhat harsh lighting of my parents’ kitchen. I can see a visible difference in the look of this picture & how it would look if I had just used the internal flash on my Canon. The lighting looks really natural, as if it had actually been light outside.

As a side note, what you’re looking at is the rather large collection of booties that my dogs wear so they won’t scratch up my parents’ floor. With each new pair of booties, the shoes eventually get lost & finally turn up after new ones have already been bought. This corner of our kitchen is where the rejects always end up.

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