13 June 2011

summertime in lawrence.

blog 13 june 2011

Today was the perfect summer day in Lawrence, which I didn’t really get to enjoy as a townie during the school year, when there were always assignments & deadlines. Early this morning, Lauren gave me the grand tour of Lawrence Free State High School (above, she’s showing me the cafeteria), where so many of my friends spent three years of life. I even saw Mr. Strecker’s room.

Then, after a leisurely breakfast back at the Crandon domain, we did a little shopping, had lunch at Aladdin Cafe & spent quite a while at the library. Like I said, the perfect Lawrence day with the life partner.


  1. Missing Lawrence, KS! I wished I could enjoy the beautiful summer days in downtown...
    Are you going back to Guatemala?


  2. yes, i'm just back for a visit but i'm heading back to antigua on saturday.