16 February 2011

bus driver.

Today I made friends with a bus driver.
Who has a name, by the way: James. I feel like bus drivers are some of those under-appreciated & misunderstood individuals who have a story, quite often a really interesting one. People just rarely take the time to discover this for themselves.
As it turns out, James was a photographer himself back in the day. This was before digital cameras, he explained, so traditional film photography was an expensive hobby, too. He & his friend had their own dark room in a garage & developed their own photos. When he got married, James sold all his photography equipment & turned to family life.
James & I share the same sentiment about photography. In his words, "You take a picture & you got it all right there."


  1. You seem to gravitate towards all the bus drivers you have ever met! Nice photo. Nice to take the time to hear "his story."

  2. good point. i guess there's a running theme, including danny & ricardo. anyone else i'm forgetting?

  3. I wrote a paper freshmen year about bus drivers and how as a subculture they are under-appreciated. Me and a couple of friends actually hung out with two of the campus bus drivers quite a bit my first semester at ku! They were some crazy cool dudes!

  4. Awesome MG!!

    My grandma was a school bus driver and she always has the best stories. :)