19 February 2011


A few weeks ago, Lauren & I "inherited" this 1995 Sony stereo by sheer luck. The only problem is that it doesn't work.
Exploring our options meticulously, we assumed its batteries were probably dead. Since it was missing an A/C power cable, we opted to just buy a new one. Unfortunately, that did not fix the problem & our generously "gifted" CD player is still on the fritz. Maybe it's karma. Forget karma, we're still out of a stereo & the $7.99 I paid on the cable.


  1. ...or bad luck? or bad decision? good learning experience? Can you return the cord? That thing looks like it is in bad shape!

  2. this must be thomas?

    i can return the cord. & i would rather have a cool 1995 stereo than an ipod dock.

  3. i think they originally put that up in the attic because it wasn't working, and then one day out of nowhere it was randomly working and playing music in the attic! crazy gertie.