09 February 2011

canon rebel xs.

Instead of paying attention in history class today, I decided to commit to a 365-day photo blog.

Every day for at least a year, I will post a different picture. Who knows what amazing subjects I will capture with my new Canon Rebel XS?

I've always been a big fan of words. I love languages & the beautiful perspectives encoded in them. But recently, I've become fascinated with photography & the spectacular images a photo can perpetuate. This photo blog is the juxtaposition of my love for words & images. While the photographs provide an objective visual which can be interpreted many different ways, the captions allow me to describe my own perspective.

As a new photographer, I also have a couple of goals for this blog. First, I want to become a better photographer & track my progress day by day. As well, this is a fun way to document various happenings at a fast-paced & very exciting time of my life.

So here's day one of my year-long adventure. Now let's just see if I can stick with it.


  1. I hope to have my picture on here someday.

  2. I hope to have you as a subject someday.

  3. Terrific idea! I will be checking this daily.

  4. Mary Grace, I think this is a phenomenal endeavor!!! I am an old friend of your Mom from NC, and, though I have never met you, have followed your successes through your Mom's proud boasts!! I am a novice photographer myself (my husband is the professional) and also a 'Canon-head', having inherited his older equipment as he updated. Thinking of taking a really well-respected on-line class on exposure - will keep you posted in case it's something you might be interested in for yourself some day!

    Creativity is one of the greatest human gifts - I think this is a STELLAR idea, and look forward to following!