26 February 2011

international dinner? yes & no.

Even though today is the day of perhaps the biggest Sellards event of the year, I have chosen to blog a picture that has nothing to do with International Dinner.

I took it upon myself to act as hall photographer tonight & (with Lauren's help) took thirty great pictures to capture the event. In the confusion of the night, I somehow deleted every single picture before saving them to my computer.

Resorting to this photograph only took place after I downloaded a file recovery program, waited ten minutes for the scan to finish, & was informed that I could only have access to the photos if I paid for the "free" program. Mexcellent.


  1. Mexcellent? that sounds more like the OPPOSITE of mexcellent.

  2. it WAS the opposite of mexcellent. & it definitely wasn't italy-cized in my book of memories.